The Drunk Fist

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Sleep,training and diet makes me happy

It would be fair to say that I am in the best shape physically and mentally for as long as I can remember. It has not been anti depressants, juice plus shakes or anything else that has helped. I have not won the lottery and life still throws all sorts at me. No, it has been improved sleep, a clean diet and lots of fun exercises that have worked magic for me. Career wise being...

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Sleep on a Thursday

Sleep matters. No, really it does. I have had issues with sleep for years now but my recent training in Muay Thai, BJJ and Boxing added to my Kettlebell workouts have really helped. It is a two-way thing too. A recent newsletter I received from Take Action Personal Training pointed this out. Anyway, I feel rested and ready to start the day!

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The drunk fist website

So, The name drunk fist comes from the name of a test account I setup to test the Facebook Developer API toolkit. In layman’s terms, it was an account I setup for a work project years ago. The name ‘Drunk fist’ came from an old Kung Fu movie I saw and I liked the name and I decided to re-use it to start to blog about all things diet, nutrition, health and fitness. Basically anything...

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