Sleep,training and diet makes me happy

It would be fair to say that I am in the best shape physically and mentally for as long as I can remember.

It has not been anti depressants, juice plus shakes or anything else that has helped. I have not won the lottery and life still throws all sorts at me.

No, it has been improved sleep, a clean diet and lots of fun exercises that have worked magic for me.

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Career wise being a software developer has had its benefits and I love building and learning new technical skills, but it took its toll with the sedentary lifestyle, the insomnia and the booze to knock you out and get you to sleep.

These days I am a full time carer, which is not easy, but very rewarding, I am still writing code, but for the past few years I have taken up Kettlebell training which led to Boxing which led to Muay Thai which led to BJJ and MMA training and I love my new hobbies.

This training has also led to an improved diet and the physical exertion has also improved my sleep no end.

Now combine all these things and you could say I have never been happier!

Keep going old man! Keep going.