New personal best!

So, I am very happy !

One year ago today, I weighed approximately 80 kg and I managed to deadlifts 80 kg.

Well, yesterday I managed to dead lift 100 kg while weighing in at a much lighter 70kg!

Thank you to take action personal training for the photograph and the help in reaching this personal best.

I have not had much sleep this evening because in a few hours I have to visit the hospital with my mother for a very important scan.

However I am staying very positive about this.

I have even submitted a form to Twitter to verify my account to attain the blue badge status.

alt text

I am still not finished, I intend to lift heavier and I aim to continue my training in Muay Thai and Brazilian jujitsu as well as my kettle bell training.

I would like to thank all the guys who are on the same mission as me and are helping me in terms of training and support at this time.