Before and after

I decided to post a before and after photograph of myself.

The horrible picture on the left is me approximately five or six years ago and I guess I am weighing around 120 KG.

I was a full-time software engineer that let’s say I liked a drink and smoked cigarettes and a good time and used to play as hard as I worked.

However, I lived a very sedentary lifestyle, and as you can see I was not in the best physical shape.

alt text

Fast forward a few years I gave up smoking first of all then started training with kettle bells and then took up boxing and that progressed to training Muay Thai mostly now, I hit pads, I spar and I work on techniques.

Not only that I have also taken up BJJ and MMA and I really look after my nutrition now.

I now weigh 69 kg however, my new target is 65 kg and my journey as a martial artist has only just started at 41 years of age.